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Custom Artwork

Request Custom Art by Cosette Grider

Each custom piece is hand painted in the medium of the client’s choice: watercolor on cold pressed 300gsm watercolor paper, acrylic on cotton canvas, or mixed media. A quick mock- up would be created on Photoshop to get the basic layout and look of the client’s piece for approval before painting. Framing is available upon request. All artwork is hand signed and protected with a layer of varnish. Domestic and International shipping available with USPS at an extra charge. Local pick-up is also available.

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Concrete Wall
Main Image A Love That Lasts Forever.png

A Love That Lasts Forever

32”x40”, Acrylic/Gold Leaf Foil/Mixed Media on Wrapped Canvas

Several images were given to me by my client to create this half abstract half realistic piece. The waterfall and foliage background was created with palette knives and rubber scrapers for some interesting layers and texture. Iridescent gold acrylic paint in the silhouette of the couple was used to convey a rich ethereal romance amidst the rough textures from the background. Bold red poppies in the foreground, shooting up from the bottom of the canvas offers a nice contrast, while the white marker outlines give it a modern clean crispness.  Finally, my special touch of metal leaf foiling (gold for this special piece) in some rough darker areas surrounding the silhouette of the couple.


Please inquire about pricing by submitting a request form.

Concrete Wall

Hollywood In The Theater

30”x40”, Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas

Client requested a realistic painting of three of his favorite film directors (Scorsese, Nolan, and Tarantino) seated in back of three of his favorite film actors (DiCaprio, Blanchett, and Jackson) in the client’s home theater. Several images were gathered from the Internet. I provided a small scale hand sketch of the layout and once approved, using the ratio grid system, drew everything out to proportion right onto the canvas. The clothing and props held by the actors in the painting were not real. I had to recreate them using models which I then photographed for reference.


Please inquire about pricing by submitting a request form.

Main Image Hollywood In The Theater.png
Concrete Wall

Joshua Tree

36”x72”, Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas

This large scale abstract mixed media painting is from a photo my clients took on their trip to Joshua Tree.  Capturing the shapes and landscape in a dreamy and dynamic way with bold jewel tone colors, gold leaf foil, and impasto medium for added texture.

Please inquire about pricing by submitting a request form.

Concrete Wall

Royal Pet Portraits

These framed 8”x10” and 11”x14” Tudor pet portraits are all painted in rich detail with acrylic paint and varnished at the end to protect it while giving  it extra luster. Framing is included in the price but can be optional and negotiated. Choose between an oval or rectangular canvas. You provide the photos and I will send a photoshop mock up with your pet in a fancy period piece costume. Once approved, the painting will commence!

Please inquire about pricing by submitting a request form.