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Battling the Battle With "Wins"

Keeping my head above water has been the biggest challenge as of late. Not many are knocking on my door for commissions. Many website visitors, but no sales at all from the shop. Hours and hours spent every week marketing strategically, authentically, and consistently. The fact is, we are currently in a recession and it takes more than just talent to "sell creative." How does one create a market, a need for a creative product that serves to spark joy, but not necessity? I realize many can argue that question. "Of course Art is a necessity", they'd argue. If Art brings joy and meaning, why wouldn't we need it? Most people I know are like me. We admire from afar, we may want the thing but we feel we don't deserve the thing.


"A Reel A Day Keeps Stagnation Away!" I just literally made that up because I'm a Clever Girl. Instagram reels used to be annoying and challenging for me to create. Lately, I've been enjoying editing my videos, choosing the music, and finding other creative ways to make my reels more compelling, especially with using trending audio. It's a great way to show a variety of my Art, painting processes, a touch of humor, a touch of earnestness, and a more interesting way to market on social media! It's fun to see what people respond to and what are total flops. When it looks like I'm trying too hard to "sell to my audience", the video is a complete flop. People don't like being "sold to". I so get it. I mean, I hate it too.

A Reel I had posted a couple days after the Supreme Court Justice overturned Roe v. Wade.

I used trending audio, and the whole thing was only 10 seconds long.

But I was trying to promote my $5 bookmarks of RBG and KBJ and people could not care less.

It was the weakest received Reel I have ever had. No one likes being "sold to".

It takes a great deal of discomfort to make changes to your stagnation. You have to acknowledge the fear first, talk yourself into doing that thing you're afraid or uncomfortable of doing. You also have to be aware of the self-sabotage. Oh, how I have been blind these days. Dialed into the "Defeatist Mode", despite all the growth work I managed to do in the last 3 years. I've made inside excuses and outside excuses. "People are getting annoyed by all my marketing" and "there is a recession going on, so no one can really buy Art, especially from little unknown Me." Ugh, if only there were a pill to shut the Ego up.

I have a habit of down playing my "wins". I either don't tell very many. people, or I temper my excitement about it and focus on whatever small negative aspect I can find. I took a month off of blogging because no one was reading them, so I felt they were a waste of time. In an effort to practice celebrating my wins and showing gratitude, and thus opening myself up for more Abundance, I will list however many "wins" as I can in the last 4 weeks:

  1. My submitted design for the next phase of the Burbank Beautification Program for the utility box paintings was chosen! I am one of 12 and we start this October.

  2. A local boutique that is opening up in early August has selected 5 of my hand painted ceramic plates to be displayed with an Artist collective for a 10 day gallery exhibit starting this Saturday.

  3. After about a year of just wanting to, I finally got around to painting on a pair of my shoes and I'm happy with the way they turned out.

  4. I've been making IG Reels almost everyday and one of the recent ones I made has around 19K views which is a big deal for me.

  5. I have been consistently "freestyle" creating in my watercolor sketchbook everyday now just using my intuition and mood.

  6. I have a potential mini commissioned painting. It's not much but it's something!

  7. I created an amazing pastel/colored pencil portrait for my best friend's birthday.

Before I went to my 12pm spin class, which makes me cringe when I type because it borderline sounds bougie for some reason, I struggled to leave the house. Leaving the house for ANYTHING, means I am not creating or working on any one of my passion projects and this makes me resentful. So does cooking, preparing breakfasts/lunches, grocery shopping, and running errands.. I have trained my mind to believe that exercise is just as important as oral and body hygiene. It is not just about physical fitness, it's about mental fitness most importantly. Just like taking the time to feed my family and clean up the kitchen, getting at least 45 min a day of moderate to high impact exercise is a priority as much as I feel it takes away from the many things I feel I must do in my creative field. I am 100% of my employees. I create, I market, I sell, I do the admin, etc. My studio/office is currently a disaster. I have a couple of unfinished products I am working on simultaneously. I am constantly thinking of what Instagram Reel to make next. I am constantly thinking about how I will make my next dollar too. I wish I can start painting at 8am and stop painting at 8pm with mini relaxing non-exercise, non-chore breaks in between.

Again, forgetting the "wins", I am hyper focused on the lack of time which then creates LESS time, because that's the law of attraction! This is why blogging helps. Why Morning Pages help, as well as meditation. Those are the actual "pills" so to speak, for the Ego. Ok, working out isn't so bad. I'm always so grateful and on that serotonin high afterwards. Feeding the people I love fills my heart with joy because I love that they can count on me. The Art is a bonus. A very special and I'll say it.....privileged bonus.

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