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I Just Got A Commission Request!

Today is our 9th year Anniversary and its also Yom Kippur which means I have the day off. Not because I'm Jewish but because the owner of the company I work for, Felina Lingerie in Chatsworth, CA is Jewish. This is particularly significant for me right now because it means I HAVE UNINTERRUPTED TIME to do put substantial effort into all things art, blogging, and this new commissioned piece I'm so excited to work on. I have journaled a list of things I would like to accomplish today. Two of which I have: meditate for 10 minutes and give myself a much needed pedicure. It's not closed-toe -shoe season yet. At 1:30pm, Paul and I are meeting for a cute little lunch break date, celebrating our Anniversary. We don't have dinner plans. Our night is business as usual. Therapy session at 6-7pm, drop Luke off at his band practice at 7:30pm, eat something at home and before one of us has to pick Luke up, perhaps an Anniversary shag. Sometimes you just gotta schedule those kinds of things.

Nine viciously happy years with this one.

Aaaaaanyway, I digress.

I have the day off. A workout at Crunch Fitness will happen at some point and a quick trip to Audrey K boutique to buy a co-worker a present for her birthday tomorrow. The things I absolutely HAVE to focus properly on will be adding images of my art into the "Gallery" page on this website and sketching out the bare bones of the piece I have been commissioned to do.

Confession: I can't talk about this piece as much as I'm dying to. It's a surprise gift for this persons loved one. This piece is extremely unlike ANY piece I have ever done or ever thought I would do. It's a reproduction of an old painting loosely floating around with no artist name allover the Internet. I have had a few friends and loved ones including myself research the shit out of this incredibly bizarre piece for any hint of artist acknowledgment, original whereabouts, backstory, etc. Nada. It's a rather unique piece and obviously the brainchild of someone with a fucked up sense of humor and I'm not one to steal or copy anyone else's "baby", however, still going to execute this, just NOT about to pass this off as one of my own. I'm not even sure if I should post an image of the final product which would absolutely kill me (I probably will though, TBH). I have the 12" x 16" canvas ready to go and a fuzzy image on the original artwork on the internet. I have immense gratitude to the friend who trusts me this piece.

The corner where I put myself in "time out".

I know this will come with experience and I am definitely not there yet, but it's always so uncomfortable for me to quote friends/family the price that I feel is fair because fairness is subjective. Does any other artist or anyone in a field where you are selling your own goods, craft or service feel or have felt this way? It can't be a unique feeling, I'm sure. I don't want to under sell myself because I value my time and talent more now than I ever have in the past but I also don't want to be obnoxious. Insecurities that I look forward to overcoming!

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