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Intro to The Canvas Confessional

Welcome to my art blog where I share with you my past and present works, my goals for future pieces and my raw vulnerability as a full time CAD artist, mom of a 7 year old who struggles to find time and focus to do her damn THING. Confessions with minimal fear of judgement (from both readers and myself) will be made occasionally through this format. I'm hoping to connect with you on some level, hear from you, relate, meanwhile share my story and keep myself accountable.

I started writing my first post (this post) in my head while taking a shower. Words turning into sentences filled my head. Had I been a little less sane, I would have run out of the shower, half soapy, too caught up to grab my towel or even turn the shower off, most likely slip and fall while frantically running down the hall to grab my laptop, give my husband an anxiety attack at the site of his fully wet, half soapy, frazzle haired naked wife awkwardly twisted on the hallway floor, moaning….”I NEED TO BLOG RIGHT NOOOOW!”

Yeah. No. Fortunately, I do have my wits about me and have to rely on my own patience and recall to jot down the brilliance that emerged and so quickly evaporated in my head. Well…might as well put that red Australian clay mask on from ASARAI and multi task. Iced green tea, red face mask on, notebook, and supportive husband at my side.

Tap...tap...tap...while the clay mask dries.

Paul and I got married on October 9, 2010. We really do share one brain. He has exuberantly supported all my ideas and goals even though I have a streak of these ideas and goals losing steam QUICK. He encourages my creative endeavors and offers up his pragmatic senses to my jumbled up brainstorming without horribly murdering my flow. He sits patiently at my side while we figure out how to buy a domain name, a hosting page and which blog layout to go with. Paul IS my brain stem.

Confession #1: Paul came up with the blog name “The Canvas Confessional” after I verbally summarized what I want this blog to be about. He retreated to his little man cave by our garage, took one hit from his pipe, and voila!

Tall, funny and handsome.

I’m an artist. It took me way too long in my life to say this aloud or even type it aloud, which these days has more gravity than spoken words. I have been an artist for 30 years. As an only child, it was my favorite way to entertain myself. It helped that both my parents dabbled in drawing and painting a bit. Faces and fashion were and still are my favorite subjects. I took a whole bunch of drawing/painting classes throughout Rosary high school, the all girl Catholic school in Fullerton, CA, and in Woodbury University, a 4 year Uni in Burbank, CA. In high school, I did a portrait of legendary Rock God, Jim Morrison. Ugh. I thought I was SO cool and unique for being a 17 year old girl wildy into Jim Morrisson, until later I found out the phenomenon of quite a few high school girls in the 90’s with a thing for him. Oh….who knew secretly loving JM and also sketching a huge portrait was such a “basic” thing for a teen girl to do.

24" x 17.5",.....please excuse the annoying glare.
Jim Morrison, 1999

One of my favorite art class projects that I completed at RHS (which I sadly cannot locate for the life of me) was or Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) from his famous “Here’s Johnny” door scene from the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film, “The Shining”. I was obsessed with that movie in the mid 90’s. I found that scene/image so iconic. I’m trying to think how I obtained a photo still back then without the invention of Google and limited Internet…..and I think (I THINK) I found it off one of my Dad’s vinyl sleeve cover art. My Dad was and still is a huge Kubrick fan. Come to think of it…..I’m pretty sure that’s how I had the image. I used to tote the record album sleeve cover for “The Shining” soundtrack to my 2nd period art class and painstakingly color in Jack’s chin stuble and forhead wrinkles with colored pencils. I thought it was a pretty good final product in the end until my art teacher pointed out that I gave Jack too many teeth on the bottom. This is only significant if you bother to count the teeth I drew. Now that I think about it, ever since that constructive criticism, I have always taken my sweet ass time rendering the truest most accurate depiction of any subject I draw……to an almost annoying degree.

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